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Rèsumè. June 2010. I have done a horrible job of keeping my personal site up to date. With all of my years in consulting, I have been on more projects than I can list here. To make things simple, I have updated my resume and thinned the listing down to some of the more fun and relevant projects. I have dropped off some of the obsolete experience which is not relevant anymore and tried to focus on my current skills. After all who uses a Wang VS100 with Oracle 5.1a (beta) anymore?

Just to clarify, I am a very technical manager, not a junior programmer. I use to program with ETL tools (Informatica, Data Stage (Ascential), PL/SQL, Pro*C, etc), do Unix and Oracle database administration (Sun Solaris, Oracle RDBMS 5.1a on up, etc), and configure and implement reporting/BI tools (Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy). However, those days are a bit behind me. Yes, there are times I long to be more hands on with the tools, but then I remember how stubborn and frustrating some of the development tools have been (especially right after a new major release) and I realize how I enjoy working more on the architecture, data and design side of things...

So, for the recruiters looking for hard core DBAs and ETL developers: sorry that's not me anymore. That said, I still do a lot of the development, but I am not a pure coder.

Click here for a MS Word (.docx) or Adobe (.pdf) based copy of my rèsumè.

Raymond Bowers
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Bowers has 20 years of focused Data Warehouse experience in architecture, strategy, dimensional modeling, ETL, Business Intelligence, data migration, and data management. He has designed and developed numerous global and functional warehouses and marts, supporting multiple languages, currencies and topologies. He has substantial experience with DW tools including: Oracle, Informatica, Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy and IBM Data Stage.
Past experience spans numerous blue chip clients in a variety of industries including Public Sector (DOD, Federal and State), Communications, Cable & Media, Insurance, Financial Services, Consumer Package Goods, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.
Work History:
Booz Allen Hamilton, June 2010 - Present
Idea Integration, February 2008 - June 2010
Raytheon, March 2007 - January 2008
Deloitte Consulting, September 1997 - March 2007
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), September 1990 - August 1997
Perot Systems, Summer 1988
Booz Allen Hamilton, June 2010 - Present
  • Associate: Multiple tasks including:
    • Technical lead providing Project Management Office support as a Data Warehouse SME.
    • Data modeling for a Data Warehouse project.
    • Data Warehousing methodology.
Idea Integration, February 2008 - June 2010
  • DW Development Manager: Lead on EHRI, a key e-Gov effort directed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Managed development tasks and provided production support. Proposed enhancements for centralized meta data, automated load processing, improved security, new SDLC processes, database management and performance tuning. Supervised application installation and testing through data center migration while upgrading Oracle. Completed a DW reload to restate historical data. Lead and performed development activities with Oracle 10g, Informatica and Business Objects.
Raytheon, March 2007 - January 2008
  • Principle IT Architect: Lead a team developing a functional data mart to replace legacy batch processes, denormalized tables/files and numerous crystal reports analyzing work flow data for thousands of examiners and patents. Created a single star schema with complex analytic capabilities populated via PL/SQL in Oracle 10g RAC on Linux to reduce cost. Developed the Business Objects XIR2 Universe for ad hoc and 508 reporting with a dashboard in Xcelsius for a flashy user interface.
Deloitte Consulting, Manager, September 1997 - March 2007, sample projects
  • Data Lead / Requirements, Design & Implementation, 15 months: Lead the Data team through requirements, design and implementation for a complete overhaul of the financial asset management systems at a major federal client. Responsibilities throughout the full life cycle included data architecture design, logical and physical data model creation, requirements gathering and analysis for reporting and operational capabilities, developing the Business Objects XIR2 Universe and reports, data and feed analysis, tool evaluation, data team lead and task planning.
  • Data Warehouse Lead / Scoping and Planning, 6 months: Lead the DW team to develop the roadmap and charters for a 2 year Financial Transformation initiative at a major insurance company. Conducted an as-is analysis of existing IT systems, developed findings and recommendations, and planned the strategy to complete the effort, coordinating with core financials, process, management reporting and other teams. Planned for $20M+ (of $65M total) over 2 years for all warehouse infrastructure, data migration, interfaces, BI tools and data cleansing.
  • Data Warehouse Assessment Lead, 4 months: Manager for an assessment of a DW system for the securities branch of a large financial services firm. Interviewed staff, evaluated existing systems, feeds, data, process, technology and future needs. Identified new strategic plan to accommodate future growth and created a road map maintaining current performance while developing a new vision over multiple phases.
  • Data Warehouse Assessment Lead, 1 month: Performed a technical assessment of a POS DW tracking all sales through Wal*Mart for a large Consumer Packaged Goods firm. Identified organizational, process and technical problems, including more efficient aggregation routines and the lack of validated system backups. Proposed short term solutions for system and data quality improvement, as well as mapped out needs for migrating to a longer term solution.
  • Data Warehouse Technical Team Lead, 9 months: Team lead for a corporate Data Warehouse project at a large Cable & Media firm. Conducted a Proof of Concept with Oracle, Informatica and Microstrategy for the client in the first phase. Follow-on work included designing and implementing the technical and application infrastructure with standards and load templates for the system in preparation for full development. Included Trillium for name and address cleansing and Platinum for metadata management. Managed a team of developers, lead planning activities, system design, deliverable reviews and quality assurance.
  • Data Warehouse Technical Team Lead, 13 months: Team lead for a corporate Data Warehouse project from requirements through deployment for a voice and data services provider. Managed the technical team handling ETL, DB and BI. Lead development planning activities, conducted tool selection, application infrastructure and system design, deliverable reviews and quality assurance. Designed and implemented a hub & spoke system supporting a centralized warehouse with multiple marts on Oracle, Microstrategy, Informatica, 3 IBM S80s and 2 TB HDS storage.
  • Operational Risk Management Lead, 5 months: Managed risk mitigation activities for a leading credit card company around unauthorized or erroneous changes to production data without adequate process documentation, controls, or audit trails. This included a review of business processes, data usage and security across multiple business lines, and development of a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Data Warehouse Technical Team Lead, 6 months: Designed and implemented a global Data Warehouse for an international wireless telecommunication firm collecting customer, usage, revenue, churn and trouble ticket data from multiple countries in different languages and currencies. Designed the application infrastructure and ETL processes in PL/SQL to pull billing and trouble ticket system data in each country while translating and maintaining exchange rates. Reporting through Oracle Discoverer allowed users at the global and local market levels to view reports in English with US dollars as well as a market’s local language and currency. Initial deployment called for independent servers for each country until the WAN was in place to support a centralized approach.
  • Data Warehouse Developer & Admin, 14 months: Served as a developer and DBA for two separate data warehouse projects that accessed Oracle 7.3 & 8.0 under Sun Solaris. Participated in system design, logical data modeling, ETL development, SQL and process design and tuning. Acted as the development team admin for Unix (Sun hardware selection, Solaris administration, configuration, disk array layout, user management, backups) and Database (installation, sizing, data modeling, configuration, performance tuning, maintenance) systems. Data included: Customers, Voice CDRs, revenue, margin, usage, geography, demographics and churn data. Largest production instance managed: 200GB, >300 tables, >30 million records.
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Senior Programmer, 1990 - 1997
  • Data Warehouse Technical Team Lead: Served as lead technical architect, designing and implementing several data marts for the US Navy. Responsibilities included data modeling, warehouse performance and tuning activities, front end development using Delphi C/S with Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay, management of back-end ETL development activities for Oracle and all tool selections.
Perot Systems, Summer Associate, Summer 1988
  • Testing and Data Analysis: Tested and reviewed data for a custom billing and information system for a construction information provider.
System Experience:
  • Databases and Data Modeling: ErWin, Oracle 5.1a thru 10g
  • Reporting: Business Objects XIR2, Xcelsius, Cognos, Microstrategy, Oracle Discoverer
  • ETL: PL/SQL, Informatica, IBM Data Stage (Ascential)
B.S. Radford University, Computer Science, 1990
Dimensional Modeling (Kimball), Oracle, Informatica, Ascential, Business Objects, Cognos, Microstrategy and Unix training
US Citizen
Active Security Clearance


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