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The following are pictures from the "Big Apple Festival" in March 1999. These pictures were taken Friday night during the Advanced ProAm competitions. I have included some possible comments/ideas on what they were thinking or saying at the time . . . *chuckle*


Doesn't she look like a puppet?!?!?! Yes, her partner is really behind here...

That's it Frank! Get the girls early and train them while they're still young . . .

"Oh, just give us the gold medals now, why should we dance for them?"

"Let's show the judges how it is really done..."

"Boy, I'm glad I wrote the routine down on your back so I will know what to do next!"

"Look Ma... No Hands!"

"Was that you?" "Nope, I'm innocent... Can't you see my halo?"

Better not be any guys standing behind her . . .

"Gimme some butt, baby!"

"Psst, after this, let's you and I go back to my room and I will teach you some new moves . . . By the way, you're 18, right?"

"Ta Da!"

"Look at this! Guys just can't keep their hands off me!"

This division is over, now Kam can show her true side.

Trouble makers . . .


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