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Old News - 2003


All about Photography again. May 5, 2003. The year started with me covering the UCWDC World's Country/Western Dance Championships in Nashville, TN. I set up a booth to cover the nearly week long dance competition, shooting and working 18 to 22 hours days, with a network of 10 computers so people could see and order from the over 15,000 photos on-site. It was quite a learning experience after having covered a dozen events over the past year - none quite a large as this. In the end though, I have found that event photography takes too much work and pays way too little.

Therefore I have started to make the switch from event to wedding and portrait photography. It seems a logical progression, especialy since I want to focus on small personal events dealing with a single customer. Plus, now I have backups for all of my equipment... Something very important since I can only imagine a bride's wrath if the camera died in the middle of the photo session and I did not have a second standing by! I am starting by volunteering for some local weddings to build my experience and portfolio. Hopefully by mid/end of summer I will be ready to start tackling bigger weddings!

In April, I also gave my photography site a major overhaul. It was past time to do it. Next up, I hope to redo this site and Bowers.com, but of course they are not high on my priority list... (So that means, maybe in the winter.)

Anyway, now that I am not doing dance event photography, I get to go to the events just to dance and have fun! I am on a dance team, Capital Swing. A couple weeks ago we took 5th place in teams at the North American Dance Championships in NY. It was a blast getting back to dancing till 6:30am and just having fun, not working the event!

Raymond Bowers


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