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Old News - 2002


Long over due... June 16, 2002. Anyone notice a trend here? It has been over a year. It is amazing how out of date web pages can easily get! So, I will put some effort into the front "News" part here, but do not expect much else on the other sections. I am still single, I still dance, still travel a lot and should eat more veggies. Some things do not change...

The rest of my time goes into photography. I covered a couple large dance competitions eariler this year. The big event though was covering the 2002 Cherry Blossom Festival here in Washingon DC. I took a week off from work to volunteer to travel with and photograph 66 Princesses representing US States, terratories and other countries. I saw more of DC than I have living here 34 years. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun! You can see all of the photos at my 2002 Cherry Blossom Festival web page.

Besides photography, I have also kept busy commuting up to NY each week for work. It has been pretty nice to be able to see the city, walk around Central Park, see some shows, go to the Rainbow Room and more. Only being home in DC on weekends makes it rough to have much of a serious social life, but I will settle down some day...

Postscript... Dec 31, 2002. I still cannot believe the above was my only update in 2002. Well, at least it was better than 2001! Oh well, I can kind of understand. I spent most of the year working on photography here. I think I covered 7 major dance competitions, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and at the end of December, started the World's C/W Dance Championships... That's over 75,000 photos, countless hours of processing photos and customer orders, learning all about Photo Shop, Color Management and tons of other photography stuff...

Raymond Bowers


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