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Old News - 2001


Opps, a belated 2001 update. (posted in June 2002) Hard to believe I made it trough all of 2001 with only one short update! Well, a little belated note, 2001 is when I really got serious into digital photography. In March I picked up a Fuji S1 digital SLR and over the summer started to play with shooting dance competitions. August, at the NEDF, was my first real time covering an entire event and ti was one heck of a learning experience. One September 11th, I actually placed my order for a Nikon D1x. Sold off all of my old equipment and switched entirely to Nikon gear and pro lenses. I then covered 3 more events through the end of the year and loved the equipment! Learned a lot the hard way though, but it was fun!

Besides photography, I was still dancing and still kind of working. It was a bit of a slow year with the crash of the dot coms. I wrapped up the Atlanta project, went to London for a bit, mulled around DC and started going up to NY each week. Interesting year.

Overdue update. March 20, 2001. Seems I had to put photography on hold towards the end of 2000 due to a lot of out of town travel. I was living out of a Hilton in Atlanta and flying twice a week all over the place. It was fun, but I had to put my social life at home on hold for a while. The good news is I came home and spent most of January and early February revamping my studio and having some models over to pose for me. Check out my photography home page to see what I have been working on and information on how to get free portraits done if you do not mind modeling and letting me use the pictures in my web page and portfolio!

Not much else going on. I am still dancing. It was a huge surprise to get first place in Advanced Jack and Jill Two-Step in Williamsburg in February. It was my first time in an Advanced competition and I was sure I was going to lose, but one for one of the three songs, the judges had us switch so the women lead and men had to follow. My partner and I had no problems, where as none of the instructors and division 1 pros we were up against seemed to be able to do it! We were quited surprised to win! It was pure luck, but hey, we won the money and bottle of wine! :-)

Then a few weeks later at the a competition in NY, I took first overall in ProAm Novice Open. This is the second time in the last 3, so I am being bumped up into the Intermediate division now. It will be interesting to see how well I do. I think it is time to start practicing!

Raymond Bowers


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