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Photography! June 15, 2000. 9 backdrops, 3 cameras, 5 studio lights and quite a bit film later, I am even deeper into photography than I was before when I thought I had already gone overboard. Now, I am looking into setting up my own studio as a part time job. It should be pretty fun and when I'm in my 50's perhaps I can retire from the consulting world and just do weddings and portraits once in a while. Of course by then, film will be a relic and the cameras will probably not look anything like that they are today, but hey, I'll just have to keep learning!

To start building up experience with posing people, setting up lighting and props effectively and just becoming familiar with the different limitations of each camera system, I am looking for models willing to pose for 1 to two hours in exchange for prints (proofs or a couple of 8x10s). I'm looking for all sorts of subjects. Especially babies, brides and individuals (with or without modeling experience). Once I get a bit more experience with portraits, my next goal will be to work a few weddings with someone and eventually try one on my own...

My new web site for this is http://www.raybowersphotography.com.

Next Obsession - Photography! April 16, 2000. Ok, I still have not given up on dancing or juggling, but I have a new hobby... It started last year when I got a camera for getting good pictures at dance competitions. Then I got the good lenses and flash, early this year I changed my kitchen into a B&W dark room, and over the past few months I have converted my living room into a portrait studio. I am looking into doing portrait and wedding photography on the side for fun. It has been neat playing with lighting, backdrops, props, lenses, different films, etc... I have learned quite a bit!

Here are a some pictures just to some of my new toys and what is left of my living room, a test shot with the new columns (no make up or anything... I'm just learning about that!) and some pretty pictures I got around DC. The pictures do not look all that great since I am using a cheap scanner which is not good at bright colors. Notice the details in the white columns are washed out (although the original prints look gorgeous!). Now if I could just save up an extra $6,000 for a Fuji S1 Pro with a nice lens and just switch over to a completely digital camera system . . .

So what is next? More portraits. I would like to do traditional portraits, play with lighting, black and white dramatic shots, backgrounds, poses and props. Also, it is time to start taking baby pictures and wedding photography! So, if anyone wants some pictures done, let me know... I need to build up a portfolio so I can start doing this as a business (and pay off the credit cards I used to get all these great toys!).

No, I have not forgotten about the Contact Juggling tutorial video! I started working on it again this month. I have got out my outlines and am expecting to finish the video by end of April to mid May. However, because of costs, I am planning on selling it for $20 plus S&H. Initially, it will probably be just by Money Order, but depending on costs, I may set up for credit card orders. Check back in early May! After the video is done, I will put some of the initial lessons on-line.

Raymond Bowers


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