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PalmPilot Professional! October 27, 1997. About a month ago, I got a PalmPilot Professional. It is a handheld computer with a touch sensitive display that recognizes your handwriting so it does not even need a keyboard. I keep everything in it from my schedule, address book, expenses, to do list, memos and even my e-mail! I love it. I even loaded Zork III on it for fun last week.

Since I am going to see "Othello" this December, I pulled down the full text for it and loaded it on the PalmPilot so I could flip through and read it while commuting to work each day. Why bring a book along when I can just load a new one on my PalmPilot anytime I need? Now if they can just build a digital phone into the unit of the same size . . . Oh well, maybe in the next model!

Deloitte and Touche Consulting Group. September 23, 1997. I would love to stay and write about all of the great things I have been learning and people I have met here at my new job, but I just got back from a couple weeks in Miami and tomorrow I am off to Williamsburg. Time to get ready and head out. More later . . .

New addresses and phone numbers are on the Addresses page. I now have a personal fax line (it gets delivered to my PC via mail anywhere I am), and my laptop just about feels like it goes everywhere with me. Personal mail should still be going to ray@bowers.com. Leave voice mail at home. I am never in the office, so do not bother calling there.

If you want a post card from whereever I go on my next trip, send me an e-mail!

New Job and other stuff! August 18, 1997. Yes, it is official. I have accepted an offer from Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group. I am off the market! My new job starts September 2. I cannot say how much I am looking forward to this change!

Besides a job change, this past month I seemed to have done some other fun things. I bought a CD writer so I could make my own CDs. You should have seen my cousin's eyes light up when I took his band's tape and put it on CD. *chuckle* Also, I went to the 50th Annual IJA Juggling Festial in Pittsburgh, PA. IT WAS FUN! Of course, as usual, it completely wore me out. How sore/stiff I was when I got back? So bad that the first time back dancing I managed to trip over myself and fall before even making it half way around the floor once. Just to further demonstrate how much of a klutz I am, even though I can juggle 7 balls, I managed to slip on some rocks while walking in the water at Harper's Ferry and fracture one toe.

Job hunt over video. July 6, 1997. I have not gotten much done on the contact juggling video or on-line tutorial since my first draft in June. I recently started looking for a new job and got side tracked. I plan to finish the video before the IJA festival in Pittsburgh this August! I want to be able to offer it at workshops I teach.

As for a new job, well, that is interesting. I had not seriously considered independent contracting before, but it is looking pretty fun. Something I will have to considering a bit more seriously than I had originally thought. I decided I really do not want to relocate, but travel is still definitely an option. I have a lot to revise on my FAQ.

Video Update (again)! June 1, 1997. I have been busy doing an on-line tutorial for contact juggling, using that as my outline for the video. I decided to play around with the idea of putting AVI clips on my web page too (in addition to still images, and some animated GIFs for showing a little motion). All of course along with full text describing each and walking through how to do all of it. I am doing all of this in conjunction with the video so they will all be consistent. Just to show I am actually hard at work on this, I have put up my first poor attempt at creating an AVI file. Total running time, 33 seconds. 1.2 MB. AVI format. Check out the Contact Juggling page to see the movie . . .

Computer time! May 12, 1997. I finally broke down and ordered a computer. I ordered a great Dell computer I love Dells! Summer of 1986 was the last time I bought a new computer. I always had wonderful systems at work, so I did not need one at home. Oh well, it was time to get connected from home. Now to see if I can still hold on to my social life even when there is a computer sitting at home calling my name . . . All of this will of course be helpful for making the on-line Contact Juggling tutorial I have been talking about now for over a year.

Video Update! May 10, 1997. I shot the first version of my contact juggling video! The on-line version should be done by the end of May.

Out of Date! Yes, I hate to admit it, even my own page is out of date now. So much has happened and I have not been keeping this up like I want to. I just moved it to my own domain at the beginning or May. Throughout the month I hope to revise everything, add a bit more professional touch, and especially update my rèsumè and FAQ. It is time I started branching out from data warehousing a little, and caught up in other areas . . .

Raymond Bowers


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