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Old News - 1996


Chit-chat. Country/Western Dancing has become my latest obsession. I started going to lessons in August 1996, and now go about 4 or 5 times a week. I like line dances, but love two-step and other couples dances. I am even taking classes for it at bars and with a dance coach. I had joined a dance team at Blackie's Country in Springfield, VA, but we did not have enough people unfortunately. It is fun, the instructors are great and I have met a bunch of wonderful people doing it. I finally feel comfortable with it enough to go up and ask anyone to dance. Check The Washington On-line Dance Network for information and links on just about everything relating to dancing in the Washington DC and Baltimore area! Check the calendar for Continuing Weekly/Monthly Parties and Special Events in the DC area.

At work, new development is well under way with Oracle, Windows NT/95, Delphi, Impromptu and PowerPlay. The new tools are making things much easier. Well, ok, maybe Oracle has not been as nice to use as the rest, but other than it, things are going great! My only major regret is that it feels like I am not doing as much real programming anymore! The tools are getting so easy, anyone can do it . . . But, there will always be a need for real programmers like me!

Not much going on with juggling lately. I can do 7 balls, although not as well as I would like. Seems like like dancing is eating up more and more of my time . . . Juggling and Dancing. It seems like I have chosen a couple of interesting hobbies considering I use to think I was a complete klutz. You never know what you can do till you try . . .

Raymond Bowers


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