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Personal Info? Well, let's see . . . Born April 20th, 1968. 6'0" tall, between 200 and 210 pounds depending on the ratio of salads to Outback cheese fries I have had lately. Gorgeous blue eyes (according to all the women I meet), dark brown hair, clean cut, professional, innocent looking. It was interesting in a dance class once, the instructor looked at me and told me I looked like Vince Gill. I had no clue who she was talking about at the time since I had just gotten into C/W dancing and knew nothing about the musicians. Of course, she questioned me about this with the microphone on in front of the whole class of mostly women. I do not turn red very often . . .

I am relatively shy (although you would not know it when I am out dancing) and definitely very single . . . It use to be because I am very much an introvert and would not get out and meet many people. Since I started dancing, things changed. I am still basically an introvert, but now a pretty outgoing one. I have no problem asking a couple dozen women to dance each night.

So why am I still single? I think because it is just hard to find intelligent, self-confidant, single, young, technically and professionally oriented, independent, creative, attractive women who like dancing, juggling, computers, sci-fi/fantasy books, theater (especially Shakespeare) and quiet nights *gasp for breath*. Just as a note, intelligence, dancing and self-confidance are the top three requirements (as well as single) . . . most of the other stuff does not really make any difference as long as the right chemistry is there.

Of course it is one thing to dance with a couple dozen new women each night, but entirely different to try and ask one out. I have only dated a couple girls I met dancing. In some ways it is safer that way. I like to dance and do not want to mess things up with my favorite partners, even though most of them are gorgeous and great dancers. So for the most part, I stick to just asking for a dance . . .

Outside of work, what do I do? Well, besides juggling and dancing, I like going to the theater a lot. I have season tickets to the Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC. I can usually be found scrambling to find a date at the last possible second. I also work at the Maryland Renaissance Festival each year teaching juggling. I like playing around with making chain mail. Not really armour, but chain mail cubes for juggling, necklaces and other things. I try not watch a lot of TV . . . I think it saps the life out of people. It is virtual reality for too many people. Why not try real reality once in a while?

Well, I have run out of personal info to put here. I am sure there is more, but I cannot think of it right now. Let me know if you have any requests. Check back later for additions . . .


Misc Info / Ray's Home Away From Home / ray@bowers.com / October 18, 1998