New Bathroom
March 31, 2006

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These are just some quick snapshots of the new bathroom. The old one was hideous! I had some closets knocked to expand the room and gutted the whole place. Went from ugly white and mauve 1950's wainscoat tile with blue paint to a travertine stone floor to ceiling. I especially love the details in the tile such as the tile face across the front of the drop in tub, the 2 niches with ogee trim which keep the brick layout, the rectangular "rug" in the floor made from a smaller tile laid at 45 degrees with a broken piece listelle of the toupe and green accent. The wall between the vanity and linen closet is a load bearing wall and could not be moved, so I had the contractor just tile over the wall and bought a cabinet face to put on it to build in a linen closet. It maximized the amount of space to the left of that wall. Not shown in the photos are the 4 recessed lights in the main area on a dimmer, the 1 recessed light in the shower, also on a separate switch and a dimmer, plus you can see the light fixture over the fanity with its own switch and dimmer. To top it all off, the facial mirror mounted on the wall has a built in touch activated light and in the middle of the ceiling is a combination light, exhaust fan with heater. So, there's plenty of light and many options for bright or soft and relaxing. Since I do not have a lot of wall space for towel bars, I used a heated towel rack above the toilet which can dry out folded towels over night. Originally I expected the counter top to be a bit waider (before we found out about the wall which could not be moved). Given how wide I had thought the counter would be, I opted for the nice rectangular sink which bows out a little. Still, the wide sink worked out great! A nice decorative touch. Oh yeah, and I went with a deep soaking tub. Not that I take long baths, but it is comfy! My biggest mistake was not getting a glass door across the tub. For now a clear shower curtain on a tension rod will do, but I will look for something a bit nicer later.

The first three photos are panoramic shots stitched together from multiple pictures, so some things may not line up, they may look a little distorted and you will see color changes due to lighting. In reality, it all looks gorgeous with a nice warm tone.

20060406 a Finished Bathroom 20060406 b Finished Bathroom 20060406 c Finished Bathroom  
20060406 01 Finished Bathroom 20060406 02 Finished Bathroom 20060406 13 Finished Bathroom 20060406 14 Finished Bathroom
20060406 15 Finished Bathroom 20060406 16 Finished Bathroom 20060406 17 Finished Bathroom 20060406 24 Finished Bathroom
20060406 25 Finished Bathroom 20060406 26 Finished Bathroom 20060406 27 Finished Bathroom 20060406 28 Finished Bathroom