House pictures
June 24, 2005

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I finally sold my condo after almost 14 years and bought a house back in January 2005. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 floors with a finished basement (for my photography studio), a pass through fireplace, all hard wood floors, deck, nice size yard and a shed. This month I am having most of the windows and doors replaced. One window in the back did not fit, so it was boarded up for now and the grids in the big windows need to be removed. The place was a mess, my computer was in the living room so I could work on it, I had not mowed the grass, etc... But I had put off taking pictures for so long, I decided to finally just do it and start to update my home page here... I will put up pictures of the basement later, once I get the studio updated a bit more. -Ray

20050624 002 front 20050624 004 front 20050624 006 back, window being replaced 20050624 007 strange flower
20050624 008 close up 20050624 009 front flowers 20050624 010 close up 20050624 012 living room
20050624 013 living room 20050624 015 living room 20050624 016 dining room 20050624 017 small alcohol collection
20050624 018 fireplace reverse side 20050624 020 kitchen 20050624 022 kitchen 20050624 023 computer room
20050624 024 guest bedroom 20050624 026 guest bedroom 20050624 027 upstairs hallway 20050624 028 my bedroom
20050624 029 my bedroom