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Dance Across the Seas Photo Albums. Nov 6-13, 2004. Here are links to photos albums from people who went on the 2004 Dance Across the Seas cruise with Deb Dodd, Sam & Denise Miller and Dee & John Soares! For more information on Dance Across the Seas' next adventure, contact Deb Dodd, Group Travel Specialist, DebDoddCruises@aol.com, http://www.DanceAcrossTheSeas.com, 508-212-5912, 800-772-0847 X19

Photo Albums:

Note: You can order photos directly from albums for generally as low as $0.29 a 4x6. Although I have a photography business, I am not involved in selling of anyone else's photos here... I simply volunteered to host this page and help people with posting photos online to help bring people's photo albums together. After all, I want to see what other pictures people might have gotten of me! -Ray

Photo Sharing. One of the great advantages of digital photos is how easy it is to post them on-line and share them with friends! This way we can all see everyone's pictures and when you find something like you, order prints directly from the photo lab (many as cheap as $0.19 a 4x6) or get an electronic copy to save/use. Keep in mind that some photo sites only let you share photos by viewing them on-line, but many services let guests order prints on-line for as little as $0.19 or $0.29 per 4x6. I encourage everyone to post to a photo service people can order through, but if you have any problems let me know!

How to share your photos? If you have any photos from the cruise which you want to share, there are a few couples of ways to do it.

  1. Send them to me. If you want, send me your pictures and I will take care of making a new album on the dotphoto service (where mine are) and uploading and organizing your photos. To do this, simply e-mail me your pictures (if you only have a few) or burn your photos to CD and send it to me by mail (Ray Bowers, 2632 Ft. Farnsworth Rd, 1B, Alexandria, VA 22303-2632). Note: I am just posting the photos to dotphoto for people to order from (ie, I'm doing this for fun, not my business). Dotphoto charges reasonable rates for prints -- I am not making any money/comissions on orders.
  2. Upload them yourself. If you have a high speed internet connection, you can go to any photo lab or photo service and upload photos yourself to share them with everyone. If you do this, just e-mail ray@bowers.com and I will add a link to your photos from this page so everyone else can see them! If you upload them yourself, please try to use a photo service which allows people to order prints (e.g., dotphoto.com, ofoto.com, snapfish.com). I used dotphoto and the more people who use it, the easier it will be for people to order multiple prints at once and save shipping...

Most on-line photo services (e.g., dotphoto.com, ofoto.com, snapfish.com) are about $0.29 cents per 4x6 but if you sign up for an account with them, it can be as cheap as $0.19 a 4x6 and they usually include 10-30 free prints too.

How to get copies of the original files electronically? I do not think that dotPhoto allows people to download the original high res versions of the photos. This is nice to do if you want the original to save, print yourself or do other things with. For now, if someone wants a copy of a certain picture of mine, just e-mail me and I will send it to you. Later I will see how many pictures we have and maybe try to put together a DVD or two with ALL of the available photos on it to then pass out and share after everyone else has had a chance to get their pictures processed and to me (if you want them included).

If you have any problems or questions, just let me know. Enjoy,



Cruise / Photo Gallery / ray@bowers.com / June 28, 2005