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Practical focus. Sept 19, 1999. After two years of being up, I have finally started to put a little bit of work into the Contact Juggling tutorial. Follow the link to it at the top of this page to see the tutorial. This page will soon disappear or at least be folded over into my regular juggling page talking more about my personal experiences with it and how I grew to like CJ, keeping it separate from the on-line tutorial... For now, I will keep this here in case search engines still have pointers to it and have not picked up the new location yet.

For those wondering what has been going on, I put up the start of a tutorial a couple years ago when I got a new computer and was looking at changing jobs and had lots of time and ideas on my hands... I still have ideas, but not as much time. While I am not a workaholic any more, I have also picked up a new obsession besides juggling -- dancing! You know, getting my hands on a set of 7 balls just is not as satisfying as grabbing a woman and hitting the floor. However I have not forgotten about Contact Juggling! I still enjoy it and will always be willing to demonstrate or teach it if anyone is interested...

So, given my limited time, I am going to focus on a small subset of the tutorial this year. I feel a more practical goal will be easier and more realistic to meet rather than saying I am going to try to put it ALL on-line... Most questions people e-mail me about revolve around what types of balls to use, where to get them and what are the basic motions. Given that, I will focus on putting up a few sections covering the basics of Contact Juggling and how to do the beginning motions and hand transfers. I feel more people will get the most out of these sections. They will be aimed at beginners, while the more advanced jugglers who already know the basics can probably look at the videos clips and get ideas on tricks to play with... Those who knows the basics do not really need the step by step guides as the beginners will.

I hope to have some of this done by the end of October, at least a rough text version with pictures and video clips soon to follow. Earlier today, I cleaned up the main section and added information on balls, where to get them, weights/sizes/costs of common balls and an updated listing of vendors. Hopefully this will be a good start and provide the initial push to get this project rolling again.

[Me Contact juggling]

For those who did not hear, my first cut at making an instructional video on Contact Juggling back in the Fall of 1997 was about 1 hour 12 minutes. It was ok, but after looking at it, I wanted to add so much more. So, it has been delayed. I am still hoping to keep the costs down to $15 plus shipping. After all, it is to be a homemade video. The point it to spread contact juggling, not make it for a business. Looking back on it, even for as much rambling as I did, I probably should have gone ahead and released it for free rather than be a perfectionist. At least that would have been 2 years of having somethign available rather than nothing.

I may just get a couple friends to come over and help and just shoot the video again one weekend. It should only take a day. Even if I ramble and don't have a really good script, I would have something for people who want to learn more. Anyone passing through the DC area want to be a cameraman?

In the mean time, if you want to learn more, try the book "Contact Juggling" by James Ernest. You can order it through one of the vendors listed on the tutorial pages, or see http://www.cheapass.com/contact.html.


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