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What's New . . .

Overdue update (a boy). October 3, 2009. Yes, I am way out of date. Blogging sites, Facebook and other places make it so much easier to update things than my old style web 1.0 page here... So, here's the quick update till I can revamp this whole page: married, changed jobs, had a son. More later!

Wedding is coming up soon... April 16, 2007. Here it is, a year since I got engaged and now the wedding is almost here: May 19, 2007 -- barely a month away! Like much of my life, I am running a little late on getting some things done, but the good news is that the engagement photos are in and posted at both the Ray and Nona photos section here, and on our new wedding website, http://www.NonaandRay.com.

So, let's see if I can sum up the past year briefly:

  • The engagement ring, ordered in March 2006 at Reed's Jewelers in Springfield Mall was a disaster. The store manager was finally convicted, I got my diamond, money and replacement sapphires back in September and in October Nona finally got a beautiful ring (from a different place!) to replace the high school class and costume jewelry rings she had alternated wearing for a while.
  • Nona found a job down here in VA and moved in over the summer!
  • All summer I was busy working as chairman of my 20 year High School Reunion, http://www.WestPotomacClassof86.com. We had an amazing turn out for our reunion at the Ritz Carlton in October 2006! It was wonderfult, but boy am I glad that is over!!!!
  • Between Nona's healthy cooking and our going to a gym, I have lost over 30 lbs since she moved in. No, we didn't do it just to look good for the reunion or wedding. I just wanted to be in better shape. I never imaged how much I would change just eating right and exercising!
  • After almost 10 years with Deloitte Consulting, I finally left! I found a position with Raytheon working on a project at the US Patent and Trademark Office, just 3.5 miles from home! It is hard to believe I have only had 2 jobs in 17 years... I do not take job changes lightly, but this is one I could not pass up! The only big downside is that they did not give me a laptop, so now I have to use my big old desktop at home. Time for me to finally invest in a laptop of my own so Nona and I can sit side by side again on the couch with our laptops in the evenings like we did before...
  • and of course, after the reunion was over, the next big thing was wedding planning!

A lot more has happened, but that is a quick summary! Maybe after May when we do not have reuion/wedding planning, job changes or moves planned, then perhaps we can catch up on other things and I can finally give this site a slight overhaul.

Off the Market! April 26, 2006. For those who were not there, this evening at Dean and Dawn's Cherry Hill dance in Maryland, I wanted to share some good news. I asked Nona Green to marry me and she said Yes.

To do it, Dean played "Ain't no sunshine" and I asked Nona to dance. I took her to the same spot where a few years ago at a Wednesday night Dean and Dawn dance I first remember meeting her and dancing together.

Half way through the song, with everyone else still dancing around us, I spun Nona to a sitting position on my knee while I kneeled on the other. At first she thought I was just playing with a new dance move, but she quickly realized there was more to it than that. I told her this was where we met and first danced so it seemed only fitting it is where I should ask her to marry me. It was a complete surprise for her and one I was happy to share with our friends there.

Nona could, and probably will, tell a bit lengthier version, but I thought I would beat her to the punch and get the highlights out. Thanks to Dean for playing the song, Dawn for grabbing my camera and getting this photo and of course bringing her onto the team (and into my clutches *sinister chuckle*) Ok, now she can now take over and have fun telling the ring story...

Anyway, I just wanted to get a quick message out. I realize there's many people I have fallen out of contact with over time. Hopefully I won't be out chasing women anymore, so maybe I will have more time to write and update my website!

PS, no date set yet...

House updates. June 25, 2005. Back in January when I was having my condo fixed up, I went out, did a little impulse shopping and bought a house. 14 years of being in my little condo was enough... built in 1952, it has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 floors with a finished basement (for my photography studio), a pass through fireplace, all hard wood floors, deck, nice size yard and a shed. I have quite a bit more space than before and far more work too! I moved in early February and spent a couple of months just getting things arranged the way I wanted them, hanging pictures and getting use to stairs (blech!).

It is fun having a house, but the To Do lists never seem to end! Now, I am having the doors and almost all of the windows replaced, then by the end of the summer I will be working to expand the upstairs bathroom, renovate the downstairs one, remove all wall paper, make a couple of changes in the kitchen (nothing major yet!), and upgrade some lights, switches and other minor fixes. Maybe a gas fireplace. That will be plenty of work for this year. Maybe next year I will get around to painting (no more white walls?), redo the deck and then the drive way... We will see. I made a gallery of pictures in the middle of having the windows and doors redone, so excuse the mess: House Gallery.

Let's see, what other news this year... Not much photography lately, but I hope to do more as I get the basement studio fixed up. Earlier this year I did some photography work for the IL Inaugural Gala which was pretty neat. It is always fun to get dressed up for a black tie event (girlfriends love excuses to get dressed up and go out!). Yes, I am still dancing. Our team is working on our third routine now. I have not been juggling lately, but I did make it out to the DC juggling festival for an afternoon. I think I did more socializing and catching up with friends than juggling.

Other big news? Well, now that I am no longer traveling for work, I have actually been dating someone for over 9 months. I guess that is reasonably big news, but that is probably a story for another time. Ok, enough for now... This site needs a major overhaul and maybe when I do that I will fix everything and add some more details! I will add that to my already long To Do list...

June 15, 2002 About me. For years now I had always described myself as an INTJ computer genius who loves to juggle. The first few paragraphs here talked extensively about how I grew up on computers and what I did at work . . . Well, no more.

These days, I dance . . . a lot! I am probably out dancing about 4 nights a week. Country/Western and Swing mostly although I would like to learn more Latin and maybe try Tango. It is amazing how much dancing has changed my lifestyle. Most of my friends are dancers. I cannot even imagine dating anyone who does not dance. What would we have in common?!?!? Ok, so dancing is not everything, and with all things there needs to be a balance in life, but when it comes down to it, I am a perfectionist. I want to dance and I want to do it right. My goal is to be able to walk into a place and ask any woman there to dance, and lead her through everything I can do without a problem.

I just thought I would mention this here and dispell this techy geek image my page use to begin with. I have not rewritten it for a while. The juggling and computer stuff on these pages will soon be toned down, with more added on dancing, the Shakespeare Theater in DC, roller blading and some other interests. Like everything else, it will just take some time.

-Ray Bowers, June 7, 1998

Still reading? Well, belive it or not, I do other things besides photography, dancing and juggling. Here is the story on some of them:

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